Christmas Cookie Cutter

Fun Cookie Cutters for Yummy Christmas Holiday Treats

Yes this Christmas season, you can bake up a batch of fun cookie shapes that your family and friends will ooh and aah over.

So if you have a kitchen, let us and our friends at Amazon and others show you the incredible selection of Christmas cookie cutters available online.

Nothing says Christmas quite like the glorious scent of fresh cookies baking in the oven.  You may be a baking diva pulling out grandma’s treasured recipes.  Or you may just grab a tube of cookie dough and roll it out.  Either way, the aroma that ensues will instantly flood your heart with warm holiday memories.  So get in that kitchen and rattle those pans.  Cookies are mere minutes away.

You can’t have too many Christmas cookie cutters.  When you aren’t cutting cookies, you can hang them on the tree or decorate a wreath.  Because cookie cutters are in such demand all year round, designers are constantly creating new shapes.  Both offline and online stores stock these useful tools because they are so much a part of so many holidays.  Cherished cookie cutters are often passed down to younger generations and many people love to collect them.

Here are just a few popular cookie cutters:

Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter

Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter

For most people, it just isn’t Christmas without a tree. Bake up a batch with a Christmas tree cookie cutter.

Santa Clause Cookie Cutter

Santa Cookie Cutter

Santa Claus is coming to town so you better watch out and be nice and bake up a batch of Santa inspired cookies.

Christmas Holly Cookie Cutter

If you’re lucky enough to have a holly bush or know someone who does, clip whole stems and stand in a large, tall vase for a simple, striking centerpiece. Remember, most Christmas plants should not be around your pets. Keep Fido safe and bake your holly cookies instead.

Christmas Stockings

Will your stocking be filled with goodies or coal? Guarantee yourself goodies when you bake up a batch of stocking shaped cookies.

Candy Cane Cookie Cutter

Candy Cane

The two most popular candy cane tradition stories can be found here. And you just have to love this guy. Guess his wife wouldn’t let him in the kitchen.

gingerbread man cookie cutter

Gingerbread Cookie Cutter

Two years ago, I attempted a gingerbread house with a 5 and 7 year old. It didn’t look like much but it was a wonderful Christmas activity. From now on we will stick to cookies.

snowman cookie cutter

Snowman Cookie Cutter

Snowman cookies are fun and so easy to make and decorate. Unlike the real thing, they won’t melt away but they also won’t likely last any longer on the cookie platter.

Mittens Cookie Cutter

Quick.  How many mittens do you have with no mates?  Like their cousins, socks, mittens have a way of mysteriously disappearing.  Same problem with mitten cookies.  Try baking two batches.

Cat Cookie Cutter

I like cats. A lot. I can’t have too many cat cookie cutters. Can you?

Star Cookie Cutter

Star Cookie Cutter

The Star of Bethlehem lit the way to the manger.  Let star cookies light up the eyes of your kids, small and grown.  You’re never completely grown up at Christmas.

Nativity Cookie Cutter

Nativity scene cookie cutters are an ambitious project so get an early start and get your cookie cutters now. Did you know cookies freeze really well? I always start my baking early in the season.

Dove Cookie Cutter

You must have a bird on your Christmas tree. Bake up a batch of dove shaped cookies and watch them fly off the plate.

Christmas Angel Cookie Cutter

Angels are all around us. And at Christmas time, nothing is sweeter than a plate of Christmas angel cookies.

heart cookie cutters

Heart Cookie Cutter

Christmas lives in our hearts. Years past and futures imagined. A time for family and friends and good will. Bake up a little good will with a plate of heart shaped cookies.


Alphabet Cookie Cutter

What are you going to spell? M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S, of course. Bake up all the grandchildren’s names. There is no limit when you have alphabet cookie cutters.

These are just a few of the many beautiful cookie cutter shapes online. Get yourself a few and get started baking. Already have some? You can’t have too many cookie cutter shapes.

Happy Baking!


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  1. Elsie@birthday party ideas for kids on April 2nd, 2010 3:19 pm

    What baker would not be delighted with this wide variety of cookie cutters you feature here.

    I still have a few Christmas cookie cutters that according to my mother, (now 80 years old) were used at Christmas time when she was still a child.

    Thank you for the other interesting information you provide as well.

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